The HopeLine Media

Please click any link (in color) below for information on recent media attention:

Food Bank's Annual Legislative Breakfast (2016)

The HopeLine on the panel at The Legislative Breakfast


News 12 Coverage of event with The Hispanic Federation and Ford Motors (2016)

Hunger Relief Campaign News 12


BronxNet, Executive Director's interview (2015)

The HopeLine on BronxNet



Bronx Free Press, Interview with Executive Director (2014)

The HopeLine interview with BronxFreePress



News 12 Bronx coverage of the new Diaper Program at The HopeLine (2015)

The HopeLine on News12 the Bronx



Telemundo 47 (in Spanish) coverage of The HopeLine (2015)

The HopeLine on Telemundo47



 Article written by the Executive Director in the local Dewitt Clinton Express newspaper (2015)




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