Adult Classes



Many residents of the South Bronx face obstacles and challenges. Our Adult learning is put in place to help empower them and help them become more self-sufficient and improve their's and their family lives.   

 Computer Training:

Taught in a small class size, adults are invited to learn basic knowledge about computer technology through our introductory class. Classes are twice a week for 6 weeks and are free for this introductory level. 

 Immigrant Services:

English-as-a-Second Language (ESL)-Many residents of the South Bronx are not proficient in the English language making it extremely difficult for them to integrate fully into the community. Our program is dedicated to teaching adults 18 and older the basics of English and to grow and expand into learning advanced English. The HopeLine currently offers these ESL classes as 12 week sessions, 3 hours a week.

Two levels available: Level A-Beginner and Level B-Advanced


Citizenship Interview Prep Class-For those who seek to become an American Citizen, this class is a great preparation class so that you are ready and able to pass your upcoming Naturalization interview and test. You must be 18 years or older and speak some English. Must be in the application process, please call for more information. 

 To learn more about any of our classes please call our Program Coordinator at (718) 402-1212 ext 102

Immigration service classes are sponsored by Print



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